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Modular sofas with sleeping function

Innovation Modular sofas with sleeping function

The multifunctional sofa concept styles consist of various modules: a convertible sofa, a lounger, a chair/armchair or a footstool. From your choice of modules, you can create your own customized individual set, of course including the most welcome sleeping function. Mattress widths of 110 cm (narrowest) up to 160 cm (widest) offer room for 1 or 2 people.

Within this category, the SPLITBACK CONCEPT is our best seller. As the name indicates, the back of the sofa is divided into 2 equal halves and can be adjusted into 3 different positions: sitting, relaxing, sleeping. The matching chairs sport the same mechanic, therefore, if you want to put your feet up, simply fold the backrest down and – instantly – your corner sofa with an extra-long lounger is ready! Equally important: the sofa and chair provide a very comfortable base for long talks facing each other! RECAST, BIFROST, CASSIUS and SUPREMAX offer a footstool to create the lounger extension.